April 14, 2010

Yes I changed my blog title!

I was thinking and Fast Times At Mommy High my old blog title was kind of a spur of the moment thing and since I figured I should put some actual thought into it I came up with a new name. Now you might ask, why? I was trying to think of something witty and catchy but after reviewing the past couple days I had a resounding phrase pass through tight lips again and again after being badgered by a 5 year old.

Kya: Why do I have to hang up my shirts?
Mean mother: because you have to treat your clothes nicely and they don't belong on the floor.
Kya: Why can't they be on the floor in the closet?
Mean mother : because they get wrinkled and your not taking care of your things.
Kya: Well, I think their dirty so I'm going to put them in the laundry.
Mean mother: They are not dirty. HANG THEM UP!
Kya: why?
Mean mother: Because I SAID SO.

Mean mother: please be quiet your brother is sleeping.
Kya: I think its time for him to wake up.
Mean mommy: no, its not please be quiet.
Kya: ::goes over and kisses his head::
Mean Mommy: What did I just tell you?
Kya: you said to be quiet, I didn't know I couldn't touch him.
Mean Mommy: :: the look::
Kya: Why can't I talk when he's sleeping, he's not awake  and I'm talking now?
Mean Mommy: Because I SAID SO.

Mean mommy: Please eat your dinner so we can go for a walk before bed.
Kya: I'm so full and I don't want to get so full I puke. You don't want me to puke do you?
Mean mommy: Kya stop being dramatic and eat your dinner.
Kya: Why do I have to eat everything?
Mean mommy: because this is your dinner and you need to eat what your given.
Kya: What snack can I have later?
Mean mommy: nothing if you don't eat.
Kya: ::in a whiny voice:: but why do I have to eat everything?
Mean mommy: Because I SAID SO.

(She looks so innocent here pretending not to be a special forces interrogator)

So like I said this is something I have been repeating not just in the past few days but for close to 8 years. I always said I would not resort to this quick finalized statement with my children and really explain the situation but I'll tell you I'm no saint and paitience wears thin some days so I do my best and saying "because I said so" is the nicest and easiest option sometimes!


  1. Thanks for finding me from D-List.. following you back :)

  2. I just found your blog through your comment on mine and through the d-list, and while I do like your old name, I love the new name! My little one is too young for it now, but I predict it will become a frequent saying in my household!