April 18, 2010

5 Things about us!

    5 things about me

1. In high school I was most unlikley to have kids ( HA)
2. I could eat crab till I get sick and that has happened
3. I read about 10 books a year
4. I'm Mulatto
5. My dream job is to own an art gallery

5 Things about Ravi

1. He took time off after med school to be a valet, yes he was a Dr. valet
2. He hates yellow mustard, green peppers and pineapple
3. He's color blind
4. He's a mathmatician
5. He loves me ( cheesy? yes, but very true)

5 Things about Ethan

1. He is the best soccer player on every team he's been on thus far.
2. He still cuddles with momma
3. He is the messiest eater I have even seen.
4. He has horrible print but amazing cursive!
5. He has refused to take off his Wolverine shirt for 5 months ( he is wearing it in this picture)

5 Things about Kya

1. We keep a list of Kya-isms, like jumperine aka trampoline, stunk aka skunk
2. She loves asparagus
3. Wants hugs and kisses when she wants to be done eating (little weasel)
4. Absolute social butterfly, and bossy to boot
5. She has an overpowering sweet tooth

5 Things about Adrian

1. Hasn't slept through a single night since he was born
2. Loves to kick his legs
3. Screams and pounds on his tray when I don't feed him fast enough
4. Exclusively cloth diapered
5. Loves stroller rides

I would love to see some of my followers do a top 5 list for their family, leave a link to your blog in the comments!


  1. That is a very cute idea! I love how Kya has an overpowering sweet tooth (funny) and my daughter is also Exclusively Cloth diapered, YAY!

  2. Cool idea! I might have to copy you :) Oh, and my hubs is color blind too!

  3. You can check out 5 things about us at my blog!! =) http://theboydfamily-aaronandheather.blogspot.com/2010/04/5-things-about-us.html

  4. Maybe I'll do this this week. :)

    I left some awards for you on my blog!

  5. I am a new follower and really enjoy your blog. I took your advice and did a 5 Things about my family, check it out:
    Thanks!! Have a great Monday.

  6. I love this post! I don't have a family to post about yet. Give me a decade or so and I'll get back to you haha.

  7. Super Cute Family and great post! I feel like we are friends now! Found you over at the NoGoBlogHer Blog Hop. Check my blog out too if you have a chance.