October 25, 2010

Perfect Fall Yesteday.

The kids listened and played so very well together starting from Friday I couldn't believe it, I didn't have to cook or clean up for 2 nights in a row, my husband surprised me with a new cookware set I had my eye on . The only set back was getting our new elliptical shipped to us, spent 2 days putting it together, plug the damn thing in and NOTHING. We are assuming its a busted computer after all the trouble shooting failed but we kind of let that one roll off our backs today because today, this day was a PERFECT day it was ALL about family and only family.
We had nowhere to go, no soccer, no ballet, no lunches, no bible studies, no work call, nothing and it was fabulous. We made Halloween cookies, watched a movie, carved pumpkins, had a very long lazy lunch and somehow we even managed to squeeze in a family pile nap on the couch at one point (sounds very cute but not so comfortable or very long). Its one of those days that you wished didn't end.
(yes, if your looking closely that is a spider pumpkin and a deranged bunny pumpkin made with yellow zucchini)