January 31, 2010

McFatty Monday #4 Success and Temptation

You might be asking "why would she post a pic of beautiful cupcakes on a weight loss post?" well... because I thought I should be accountable to all of you out their in the World Wide Web and show you just what I faced this last Saturday? I went to Just Baked here in town to order my kids birthday cake for the party in a couple weeks and I was just a few feet from the door and I just could not resist or lets be honest I just didn't want to. I did for the most part really behave myself this week. I worked out at the gym a few times when I could schedule my sons nap time for the child care center ladies, since every other waking moment he had this week was spent screaming. I did my Pilate's at home and decided I will not put away the yoga mat so that it is a constant reminder to do it daily. I keep meaning to take measurements ( thanks Jen for the reminder) so that I can actually see progress because I think that the scale numbers may jump around but I still will be progressing as far as toning. My favorite healthy dish this week was spinach and romaine salad with walnuts,beets and balsamic. It may not be for everyone but it really satisfies all my taste buds, I do have to admit that if I don't have a carb with every meal I will about implode. So all in all this week I was happy with my performance besides the stress eating that occurred on Saturday with the cupcakes but I deserved it after I survived the week of a non-stop screaming babe.

This week I discovered this thing called the Full Bar, which I looked into to curb/stop my late night snacking and I must give it a seal of approval for 2 reasons 1- It didn't taste too bad 2- It actually worked. After all this I came to find out that my late night snacking is not due to not being full but because I have an oral fixation that just makes me want to have something in my mouth ( I apologize to you sweetie that this has not benefited you more). So I have realized that I need to exercise my mental state in resisting snacks instead.

Goal 1 - Drink more water- succeeded

Goal 2- Exercise 3-4x- succeeded

Goal 3- Resist late night snacking- An earnest try

Weight last week - 155 pounds

Weight this week - 154 1/2 pounds (Does this count? Heck Yeah it does!

My 4 year old took this picture, she thought I should face forward today instead.

The fluid in my ear is vibrating

I thought okay two kids down I should be able to take what ever a baby can throw out, well... I was wrong. I never had a screaming baby that screamed for absolutely no reason WHAT SO EVER, well I'm sure he knows what he's crying about but God help me if I can figure it out. It started on Monday and has kept on till today. Kya has been such a huge help this week with entertaining Adrian in between screaming that I am very close to getting her that American Girl doll she keeps asking for in thanks. My husband has been gone two hours away working till we move in February and that means during the week I'm doing the single mom thing. Even though I was a single mom for years I really forgot how hard it can be. Adrian has left me unable to do anything productive in any timely manner and even though our gym has a daycare I felt bad bringing him just so he could scream for someone else so I only made it a couple times this week. At night I would just sit in my nursing chair holding him while he screamed, screamed and screamed some more, the fluid in my ears vibrating, with Kya trying desperately to tune him out while coloring and then just giving up and escaping to her toy room upstairs. I wished myself I could just escape into the toy room and play with Zhu Zhu Pets till I regained my sanity but I was stuck there trying to calm him, nurse him, sing to him, nothing worked, nothing. I broke down mid week, trekked to Baby's R Us and bought teething gel, gripe water and an activity jumper in hopes that something would help. He enjoyed the jumper but for 10 minutes at a time and what a sweet 10 minutes those where. The husband arrived home on Friday and I had to really restrain myself from kissing him and the babe on the cheek and jetting to anywhere that had less decibels than a jet engine but I didn't and instead we all went to Lowes while he napped in the stroller and we shopped for new appliances, I was content. As long as I have my mate by my side helping me tame the zoo, I am okay with dealing with the screaming and craziness of the kids during the week.

January 24, 2010

McFatty Monday #3 (baby steps)

Okay so I am getting into the meat of this weight loss journey and I finally am starting to get it. I stood my ground in front of my fridge more than once this week. I purged my cupboards of crappy food and all juice. So when the 8:30 pm snack cravings came I had no choice but to behave. I went to the gym 3x , 3x... isn't that amazing, except the first day there I over did it, ran 4 miles and got shin splints (OWIE). Also it was the first time Adrian went to any kind of care center. My gym, Life Time Fitness is amazing and has a wonderful center there that children 3 months and up can go to for 2 hours a day while you work out. They said he did beautifully and I was never paged back down to change a diaper or feed him one time! Thank you Adrian for not having mommy paged while in the locker room showers. On the days I didn't go I busted out my favorite Pilate's DVD, rolled out my yoga mat, sat Adrian in the Bumbo and got my lean muscle stretching on for the next 50 minutes. Kya also like to join in for about 10 minutes but gets bored and leaves to go play or color. Also I find it odd that I am jealous of my 4 year old in how easily she can lean all the way over and touch her toes with out forgetting to breath or being able to keep up with the sadistic leader counting away with NO problem. Anyways I am happy with my performance and I have to say I am seeing improvement in my arms already from lifting light weight but it COULD be from lifting my 15 pound child in his car seat every where we go!

Goal 1-Drink a ton of water daily- succeeded (except on Saturday)

Goal 2 - Get to the gym and work out for a minimum of 1hr 2-3x and do Pilate's every day- succeeded except for Saturday and Sunday I took off

Goal 3- Start keeping a food log- Failed- I guess I'm not ready to start tracking my fat grams and am happy doing the moderation thing but I really hope to start

Goal 4- Avoid late night snacking- succeeded, I did much better since I only had apples around most of the week.

Weight last week- 156pounds

Weight this week- 155pounds

I didn't lose a lot this week but my stomach and hips went down some which lead to looser fitting jeans ( Thank GOD). I accredit most of that to toning exercises as opposed to full on cardio.

So everyone tell me about your week and let me know about your progress!

January 18, 2010

McFatty Monday #2

So its week 2 and man do I have a lot to say. First I was plowed over by a wicked head cold Monday through...well it still clinging on like a freaking gremlin but it's better than it was. So needless to say having a cold this week affected my goals, drastically. First I drank MASSIVE amounts of water, I am talking about right at a gallon a day. So I will mark myself down for one goal met successfully. Second because of said sickness I didn't do a single workout, not even any stretching. Although if you count on Tuesday as I was loading Adrian and Kya into the Jeep for her pre-school class and already running slightly behind, I made right around 5 full trips up and down 2 full sets of stairs in 8 minutes because in my head fog and lack of sleep from Adrian still being unable to sleep more than three hours at a time, I kept forgetting keys...water bottle...diaperbag...Kyas backpack...cell phone. I almost screamed and threw myself on the ground kicking by the time I made the last trip upstairs but I guess I was just trying not to pass out from being out of shape.

On Monday though I was determined to reach one of my goals this week and that included a head turning, transformational haircut. So even in my snotty existence I dragged my unable to say S's or F's behind down to a salon where my wonderful friend Shawna Robie, took charge and started cutting away. I did all this while I held Adrian in my lap and Kya sprawled out in the middle of the salon playing her Leapster ( Slightly off topic but, thank you GOD for the Leapster). So I left that salon with a sweet haircut which I still am in love with and a haircut even my husband loves (he had to view it via Skype since he's out of town).
As far as eating goes this week well, I didn't completely fail. I had breakfast of scrambled eggs and tea or oatmeal with flax seed. Lunch was mostly turkey sandwiches or fruit and dinner was varying but I tried to maintain healthy proportions I do have fresh vegetables every single night. I also have a vitamin regimen I follow faithfully of a multi, zinc, echinacea, Vit. C, calcium and Vit. D. Night time snacking is my problem, so I picked up some cheddar rice cakes to curb that and I'm not sure if eating half the bag is not the plan but it's what happened and by Tuesday I didn't have any more rice cakes:( This weekend I completely fell off the wagon. Husband and I had a much needed date night Friday and I had what I can only imagine was the worst thing on the menu a ::gasp:: steak burrito, and wine. We went to a movie later and I had sour patch kids but refrained from the popcorn because something about them having 40 grams of fat, I just couldn't shake. The next day we just HAD to try this new pizzeria restaurant in town and I failed there again although I did have a salad with vinaigrette but I doubt that is reversing my caloric intake that followed. So in summary

Goal 1- Drink much more water- Succeeded

Goal 2- Exercise 3-4x a week ( pilates or yoga and walking)- Failed

Goal 3- Get a kickoff makeover- succeeded

Goal 4- Avoid late night snacking- Success in the fact I tried but Failed in the fact I ate my plan in two days

I have to say that it was much easier working out without a baby before but people do it so I have no excuse and since I am no longer 20 after having a baby its A LOT different this time around. Also and this is TMI but I have to limit how hard I work out (hence why I said no cardio in my exercise plan) because my milk supply ( I breastfeed) tanks really low, so I can't do that because feeding my son is still more important than fitting back into great jeans again.

I decided that I will take my weekly photo in yoga pants and a sports bra since I can't hide anything from myself, no photo tricks allowed like if I wore cargos and a sweater.

Weight this week- 156 pounds that's -2 pounds (I'll take it)

So tell me what happened in your week of Healthy goals if you succeeded or failed.

January 11, 2010

Mcfatty Monday #1

I am starting a new blog inspired by a fellow blogger Heir to Blair that has started McFatty Mondays, its all about getting healthy and staying on track. I have decided to join in and I hope to not look back at putting on the same yoga pants ( although that might take motivation as opposed to weight lose.) everyday, not snacking on things off the top self of the cupboard at 11pm, and wasting money on my gym membership every month. This is not solely based on the numbers on the scale ( it was at first) but I really hope I end up finding myself a stronger person, a more determined person and I can't lie I REALLY wanna fit back into some sweet jeans!

So every week/every other week I will update these stats with pictures (bravely).

Pre-Pregnancy weight - 151 pounds (picture is from 6 weeks pregnant)

Weight day of delivery - 176 pounds
Post-Pregnancy - 158 pounds Yes, that is baby drool on my sweater, I was going to change shirts but...I just don't care.
Now even though my pre and post numbers may be close together that doesn't mean anything . I'm technically 5 sizes bigger in my jeans SOB!

So I am looking forward to this new venture and hope you enjoy watching this journey and maybe just maybe you might join in the fun!