April 14, 2010

How do I love thee Let me count the ways...1,2,3

My husband is a strong man, a brave man, a sweet man and the man of my dreams.

I decided that I will slowly start to reveal some aspects of my personal life but in my own time so that other mommies and whom ever else reads this blog can get to know me and possibly relate to some of my past situations in my life

This post is about my amazing husband. I feel like I'm throwing out every thesaurus term filed under "great" in reference to my husband but really there are just not enough terms to describe him. My husband Ravi came into my life when I was a single mother to two and had just bought a sapphire/diamond ring for myself signifying my independence and determination to not become tangled with men again. We are going to fast forward ...okay warp speed ahead, I'll tell the story of our courtship at a later time possibly.

So we didn't live together till we were married and introducing 2 children at the time (Ethan-6 and Kya-3) was for me a huge moment. Ravi at our wedding wrote vows to the children promising his love , commitment and encouragement to them ( not a dry eye in the house when he read them to the kids standing up with us). Since that day he has been above and beyond what I had anticipated and I had very high standards for him to meet. He loves them like they were his own and considers them blessings.

The way he is with them, how he has date nights with Kya, boys days with Ethan and the way he holds his son just light me up with joy.

When we had Adrian I was concerened ( an unspoken fear he didn't know about) that he would find having a biological child  very different than stepchildren and I was amazed at how he was after. He said that having his own child just deepend and renewed his love for Ethan and Kya and further cemented the importance of him being a good father.He has never shown a difference between them. Seeing my husband has made me realize that when my boys have grown up I want their wives to look at me with the same respect I have for his mother and thank me for raising such an outstanding man.


  1. You are so very blessed Nicki! And by all means YOU DESERVE IT!! I am SO glad that you are FINALLY HAPPY! I'm stoked that you are back "home" and our children can grow up together! Love you lots!

  2. What a great post and a wonderful husbsnd!

  3. You give me hope that there is life and new love after a failed relationship.