June 23, 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane and I'm pumped.

Mimosas, swim up bar, sleeping in Late, yoga on the beach and time alone with my amazing husband! We are going on vacation and we could not be more excited. Its our first "official" trip away as we never did the honeymoon thing, husbands work schedule just didn't allow it and instead of going on a trip we got a Jeep Commander so that kinda blew the budget. So we are leaving today for Secrets Capri in the Riviera Maya.

Obviously I won't be posting for a bit but I will be posting plenty of pictures and resort reviews when I get back. Have a great week everyone!

June 21, 2010

I'm not doing this ALL for me.

I used to be that chick and I still have my moments where if  there was a big lady walking and wearing way too tight of clothing  and rocking a camel toe like a Grammy I was the first to comment on how I would never allow myself to get that big or wear such inappropriate clothing. Well Karma is a bitch because all too often I now find myself showing ass crack for all to see because I'm in some loop hole in the universe where my butt is either to big to fit in the jeans or the jeans are too loose and either way the result is me showing off my crack. Completely embarrassing! I used to have a staple of tank tops and shorts for summer and now the shorts cut my circulation off and the tank tops are made of Lycra or something because they cling to me like I'm in some wet t-shirt contest. I never thought I would be "that girl" but it didn't take much to get "there" and most days I don't think I look that bad at all. So all of those times where I judged someone based on their outfit I am fully reaping what I sowed.
My sister the skinniest person alive and 17 informed me the other day how her and her boyfriend where holding back from vomiting when a lady in a bikini top bent over and she had all kinds of stomach fat rolls smooshing together. Yeah, to realize that I am probably going to be the butt of someones joke (no pun intended) is sad but deserved since I used to do it.
Everyone always says how "I'm losing weight for me", but if we are honest we are ALSO doing it because we want to look like a hot mom at the pool, we want our husbands to look at us like he did at our wedding, or simply to buy the clothes off the rack and not have to dig through the bottom shelves where they keep "the fat clothes". I fully admit that I am not trying to lose weight for myself, I am trying to lose weight for many other silly reasons which put much unnecessary stress on myself but I think we all do that!
The other day at the lake with the kids while I am fully clothed sitting in my lounge chair knitting, I checked out this girl that was swimming with her boyfriend (we also have to admit we totally check out other chicks). I started thinking to  myself "God I would kill for those thighs" the kind that won't wear out a pair of jeans if worn for 5 hours. Then I thought "Why do I not have a stomach you can bounce a coin off of?" I was thinking all these depressing thoughts till I over hear them saying "I'm so excited next year we get to go to Junior prom". Switch over to me with my mouth wide open and then I was thinking "What the hell?, I'm dying to look like a 16 year old?" That thought put it all in perspective. This girl has barley hit puberty, has not had thee babies, has not breastfed three babies, is not in her late 20's. So why should I expect to look like that?  The answer is easy... I WILL NEVER LOOK LIKE A 16 YEAR OLD. I think I'm okay with that now because  I'm pretty darn normal for what I have done and for that I have to be grateful, or at least I'm trying.

June 16, 2010

Wanna see what we do on Wednesdays?

We have been blessed to become involved at a local farm Natures Bounty. We have been interested in bounty baskets, organic meat (in bulk), organic eggs,raw milk and butter. They have it all and are a phenomanal family to boot. They share so many of our personal beliefs about wholesome living, that I love being able to support them and their farm. Amy and Lowell run a great, organized, clean and healthy farm. Its small but not really.
We get a lot of questions about raw milk and even a few of you readers have e-mailed me questions. Now first my husband being a doctor we really have researched everything about raw milk and the benefits are too much too ignore. I love that with our milk we can make sour cream, cream cheese, or add cream to any recipe I'm making.Click here for more facts on raw milk

I am going to just state some of the big factors in why we chose raw milk for our family:
*Raw milk is the natural unaltered milk usually from cows, goats or sheep but in some countries it is camel or buffalo. It is not heated above the animal's highest body temperature which is usually 101-105 degrees F. (38 degrees C.) Raw milk is not pasteurized, homogenized or frozen, nor has it been altered with additives, chemicals, light or homogenization.

*They add large amounts of dolomite (mined calcium carbonate, that is rock) to make it white and add irradiated hydrogenated vegetable oil as Vitamin D. Hydrogenated oil has the same molecular structure as plastic unlike natural raw milk.

* 90% of cows are milked during pregnancy, they are only allowed to nurse for a few weeks and then the calves are put on supplement and the mother is put on the milking line and will stay there while inseminated gets pregnant again and that causes many problems with the milk such as: IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor),bovine growth hormone (rBGH),placenta-derived progesterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
All of these things increase acne,early periods,earlybreast development, immature body stimulation in boys.

I have a big problem with over processed, chemical like substances called food and I blame and point fingers at companies like Monsanto.http://www.healingdaily.com/detoxification-diet/genetically-engineered-foods.htm  (please click on this link)

Anyways the main purpose of this post is to think outside of the box, support your local farmers,visit farmers market and be a healthy example for your family!

June 11, 2010

Things I Hate!

You might wonder if I am in a bad mood writing this. Not at all I just wanted to publicly state some of my absolute despise hates and my trivial hates if nothing more than a good laugh! Leave a comment with your biggest hate!

1. When you burn your mouth on cocoa or tea and can't taste the rest of it because your taste buds are gone.

2. Dry Macaroni and Cheese.

3. Gingivitis from other people who also happen to be close talkers.

4. Expensive rims on vehicles what is the fricking point exactly?

5. Guys who will turn up their radio when you pull next to them as if trying to attract you and wonder how many times has this idiot actually got a number by blasting bad music?

6. Trends like acid wash jeans coming back in style, but kids thinking Miley Cyrus invented it.

7.Miley Cyrus

8. Getting hair in your mouth but for the life of you can't get it out, its almost imaginary.

9. Walking into a spider web, looking like a fool trying to get off said web.

10. Sales persons who act like they are so inconvenienced if you ask for customer service.

11. Label Whores.

12. Faux leather couches.

13. Real leather couches.

14. Women who refuse to shave or wax their upper lip.

15. People who have no political knowledge but are staunchly Republican or Democrat "just because".

16. Dry hands when folding laundry.

17. When your drink goes flat before you finish it.

18. People who give their kids McDonalds but justify it by giving them the apple dippers

19. Fruit on meat.

20. Nuts in food.

21. Wet towels at someones house when you try to dry them off in the bathroom

22. People who break up or get back together through Facebook relationship status only. example: "I don't know if we are together anymore he put single up on Facebook this morning".

23. Smudged windows.

24. People who display candles but never burn them!

25. Peel here tabs that don't peel here.

26. 1/2 air filled bag of chips.

27. Wedge sandals.

28. People who tan too much and don't know it, its lead to uncomfortable pauses in my conversation.

29. Mascara eye boogers.

30. Playing ditzy only around guys.

31. Being over weight but pushing all that chub in your bra and publicly displaying it as cleavage.

32. Bedazzled phones for people over 18.

33. Cheesy family portraits.

34. Cat hair on peoples clothing.

35. Mosquito bites you itch in your sleep.

36. Seeing people dry cracked feet in sandals all summer long. LOTION PEOPLE.

37. People who speak Ebonics in text.

38. People who bring their children to Hooters.

39. Ordering food that comes out wrong but eating it anyways because you can't dare send it back after seeing "Waiting".

40. False "lets get together"

41. People listening to IPods while shopping at the grocery store.

42. People who drive around to find a parking space at the gym.

43. Trees that leave a mist of sap on your window that no man made washer fluid can get off.

44. Getting in peoples cars that reek of smoke

45. People who stare

46. Egg crust

47. Dirty trashcans

48. Dull knives

49. FreeCreditReport.com commercials.

50. Toilet paper that's rolled from the top.

June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday video (kinda)

So its not completely wordless since there is talking in the video but I loved all the hula hooping kids at my sons field day! Also keep an eye for my daughter attempting to hula (purple dress). Also let this be a reminder to get out and hula hoop regardless of your age! Well that wasn't wordless at all was it?

June 8, 2010

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June 6, 2010

Giveaway and day 6 weight loss program!

So its is day 6 on Arbonne Go Figure 8 and I have to say I honestly like it. Its easy to stick to keeps my thinking a little healthier through the day and did I mention its easy. For me if something like a regimented program is going to work it has to be seamless with my life. I drink tea every morning and I just use their tea I have cereal or an egg in the morning and just drink a shake.I am always wanting a replacement to water and putting a fizzy beverage tablet (which is loaded with natural energy) is a welcome replacement! I drink throughout the day anyways so adding a scoop of fiber to one of those drinks is easy and I snack on chocolates so instead I just snack on their chocolates. This time around I have decided I am not stepping on a scale because I become very easily OBSESSED with numbers. I'll just be checking progress by lack of muffin top on jeans and the ability to wear pre-pregnancy underwear which loving looks at me every day begging to be worn while I am in full rotation of my 6 pairs of fat panties UGH! My major problem is still night snacking and I beg for my mouth to be wired after 6 pm but that's not realistic so I bought massive amounts of gum , its sure to flair up my TMJ but its worth it wear a cute bathing suit in a few weeks.

Also I have been drooling over this swimsuit and I am sure it unrealistic since the model is sure to be a negative size 2 but its shows promise of covering up belly issues and  will show off my one body part that did not get fat...my back!

On to the giveaway. Since I want to share the love and make a fellow readers day I am giving away a product I am currently in love with, Arbonnes Figure 8 NRG GO3  Pomegranate Splash . Its a big name for a wonderful little product but I know you'll love it. Its an energy drink, all natural, and no artificial sweeteners, You just add the tablet to water and enjoy any where you are!

How To Enter, I'll choose a winner June 11th 9am.

 Simply leave a comment about your weight loss struggles/successes

*Extra Entries-
Visit Arbonne and tell me another product you think you'd love
Become a new follower of my blog
Add my button to your blog
leave a link to your dream bathing suit ( just for fun)
 *leave separate comment for each entries.

June 4, 2010

What we ate!

    So the goal was to write a post following me through a week of food , what I cooked, how I squeezed into our schedule and the turn out. First I thought  "oh, I'm totally going to go all domestic goddess on them and show them something amazing" Then...well... I either ran out of ideas, energy, or thought it was a bad idea to be something I am not. So here is a breakdown of the family's week in food.

Monday- Crab and potato chowder done in crock pot ( crock pots are a mothers best friend)
                basic ingredients- red potato chopped in quarter, can of blue crab claw meat ( whole foods), whole milk, half and half, roasted corn off of corn on the cob, shot of Tabasco, fresh parsley, a bay leaf, salt & pepper, fresh grated Parmesan  ::side note:: I use fresh grated parm on almost everything,LOVE. The kids liked this but in a small amount, they ate more salad than chowder, but husband loved it and had 2 1/2 servings.
Tuesday- Parmesan crusted chicken breast, Greek orzo, sauteed summer squash
               Chicken breast pounded thin, drug through egg,crushed toasted bread crumbs, fresh grated     
               Parmesan,salt & pepper. Cooked in coconut oil (I use this or olive oil) for about 4 minutes per side
               summer squash sauteed in butter, orzo with feta, kalamata olives, crushed tomatoes,parsley & mint. Everyone liked this dish a lot, the orzo was " too something" as my 5 yr old said so she had a small portion but still ate it.
Tabbouleh- lunches from Wednesday on, I make a HUGE batch. I have a bowl for lunch everyday and its the most filling, flavorful and healthy lunch out there.
 Oh yes that is a picture of me (being extremely cheesy) cooking up some love for the family. That lovely apron is a gift from my husband and Willams Sonoma, most ladies might get upset if they were given cooking items as a gift from the significant other but I am thrilled and that makes my husband thrilled because he knows all things kitchen ultimately benefit him. There really is nothing better than turning on my kitchen T.V., having a glass of cooking wine and cooking my heart out for a few hours, even if I am interrupted 5 times for diapers, snack, bottle for baby, husband can't find cord for misc electronic, and the dog.
Wednesday- BRATS, BRATS, BRATS and I'm not talking about those whore dolls.
                     Its summer so a few times a week its grill time baby. This makes for happy kids and happy                           wife. Dinner takes only an hour to prep and serve and the kids think its a major treat. Everyone in this house loves a good brat but the kids will just chew and chew them forever so I cook up Hebrew National hot dogs for them, although they eat more asparagus then me and my husband combined.
 Brats, grilled asparagus with lemon juice, olive oil and salt, basted on in the veggie basket and of course a delightful English beer to make it a perfect meal.

Thursday- Grilled chicken breast, stuffed tomatoes
                 Basic grilled chicken with lemon and rosemary, stuffed beefsteak tomatoes with minced Kalamata olives, spicy Kalamata olives, bread crumbs, onion,olive oil salt & pepper, baked for 20 minutes. Also fresh grated Parmesan cheese, I told you I put it on everything. This was a hit and even included moans of joy and kisses from my husband during dinner! I love feeding him!

 Friday- Lamb and green bean rice pilaf
             This is my families ALL TIME FAVORITE meal. I broil a leg of lamb coasted with horseradish       mustard, greek seasoning as well as coarse sea salt and cook for 40 minutes. Green bean rice pilaf has too many steps so I will let you just click on it to see the directions, the only difference is you add frozen or fresh green beans at the end. As Dora would say "Delicioso!!"

 Saturday Lunch- Left over lamb pitas
                           Pita, sliced leftover lamb leg, tomatoes, feta, homemade taziki sauce, grated cucumbers                                  plain greek yogurt, mint minced, sea salt and lemon. Everyone loved this and my 5 year old wanted seconds.

Saturday night- We went to dinner at Melting Pot for a friends birthday
Sunday- We had a cookout at my mothers house for a delayed Mothers Day!

This is truly an average look at our everyday meals. We use all organic meats, cheese, raw milk, yogurt and sour cream. You may have noticed that we also don't do desserts very much or not at all this week. Mommas trying to lose some weight and for that the whole family is denied sweets! I had fun with this post. If you post recipes on your blog leave a comment and let me know otherwise please post your family's ALL TIME FAVORITE dish and the recipe linky!

June 2, 2010

My new 8 week review day #1

As most of you know I am in the struggle of post baby weight loss. They saying is 9 months on , 9 months off but that 9 months is peaking its ugly head around the corner so I'm freaking out and saying WTF. I have yet to lose it. I eat healthy for the most part, really I eat whatever I want but am very conscience of portions. My true downfall as far as food is concerned are sweets, like candy bars, M&Ms and starburst. I am leaving for Mexico in a mere 5 weeks. I keep having visions of being all sexy in a bikini, dressing in a slinky summer dress for my husband at dinner and possibly ::gasp:: look hot in some lingerie but then I stop day dreaming and realize that memory foam thighs and stomach don't look so hot in a bikini.

 So I am starting a new venture, something I can stick to, enjoy and mesh into my day to day habits. I LOVE Arbonne products to pieces, they stand for everything I believe in and I have yet to be disappointed. Arbonne has a product line called Figure 8 Healthy Living and Weight Loss Program. It consist of  a simple combination of Protein shakes, Fiber boosters,Detox tea, Fizzy beverage tabs and weight loss chews. I will say first and foremost I am a flavor person I have a picky palette and things have to taste good for me to be into it. The shakes are delightful and easy to make and every morning I have a few cups of tea anyways and it is very easy to replace one with a tasty detox tea. The weight loss chews are a yummy substitution to my handful of M&Ms. I have also decided to add gum to my diet as I have an oral fixation and just need to be keeping my mouth busy instead of stuffing it full of snacks. Last thing because of course everyone wants to know what it all comes down to is cost. I ordered a bunch of other items from the site but the Ready,Set,Go Chocolate (it also comes in vanilla) set is a total of $126.00 and it includes everything I mentioned above.
Also here are some key points on why I chose this particular plan over others on the market.
Appetite control, feeling fuller longer
Boost metabolism and increase energy
High in protein
low in calories
No animal products or by products (vegan)
low fat, no saturated or trans fat
no artificial sweeteners,flavors or colors
also the website   http://www.gofigure8.com/index.asp is very attractive and easy to use
I am excited to start the journey and will keep  everyone updated.

Oh and everyone who messaged me asking about our trip to West Virginia it went very well and the kids were amazing on the long car trip.

I am in no way being paid for this review, Arbonne is not compensating me in product or other.