April 12, 2010

Decompression after the move

hence my lack of blogging this last month
Thank God that's over.

A break down of the pics from left to right top row first

The kitchen, the living room and entry way, the living room from upstairs balcony

The dining room, the basement bathroom, the basement (kids playroom)

The upstairs kids closet, the upstairs office, the master bedroom (excuse the air mattress) with walkout to deck
We have a lot of work to do even though it really is ready to live in. We have to get all new lights, put a ceiling up in the basement ,replace carpeting in basement and we are repainting and because I'm impulsive and OCD ( not a very good combination) it may take awhile for any actual paint to go up on any wall without changing my mind a million times or at least changing a painted wall at least once. The yard needs SERIOUS work but were up for it and heck I consider it kind of a workout.

We are officially moved from Metro Detroit to the country in South Central Michigan. Its a big adjustment but we are finding ourselves very comfortable here and getting to find our place in the world here. We have already enrolled Kya in Ballet/Tap classes on Tuesday, story time on Fridays at the local library and AYSO soccer on Saturdays for both the kids. We arranged all this in a matter of 2 weeks time (whew!).

We celebrated our first holiday Easter here and it was so amazing to know we are here making memories now.

So we are moved and I'm getting used to the country I hope to God that my allergies calm down and I am going to keep my stock in Claritin for awhile. I hope to keep up the blogging and I know that I will be posting a giveaway ( go ahead and eye roll) I am joining the bandwagon but I have so many sites I love that I really just want to share and help peoples independent business and not for popularity purposes I swear! On to the good times.


  1. Glad to see you're back - congrats on the move!