April 28, 2010

Things I've learned over a week!

This past week has been chalk full of learning lessons.

My son has in just a short 2 weeks completely outgrew anything Disney in regards to decor or clothing. He refuses to put on his Cars rain boots in front of his friends and his begging to get a new comforter set so his friends can go up to his room but right now its all (and I quote) "all baby stuff". I can't believe where are there.

I have also come to realize that for some freakin reason I only decide to straighten my hair when it is going to rain. Why? I have no idea I must like to self sabotage.
 You are never to old to go on a bouncy slide. Even though I was past the little weight limit sign my daughter begged me enough I ignored it and went . I thought I'd play it cool, I mean hell I've been to Cedar Point but I screamed, was embarrassed but had a blast. (this picture does zero justice to how tall this thing really is)
                                                               Look at those faces

Gap lacy tank tops are NOT worth the money! I have pitched 3 of my brand new tops. They make me itch like crazy and if the rash on my back wasn't bad enough my complete disappointment in my favorite store was worse.

I found out after complete frustration with our family dry erase calendar that the magic eraser does no harm to the finish and cleans it like new. I am so geeked!
 It is completely possible to fall in love with a fridge. It sounds so trite but I really do love my new fridge. I love its control settings the way the LED light makes my food looks like manna from heaven and its huge capacity.
 Investing in a nice wall mounting baby gate is sooooooooo worth the money. I always went mid-range on gates before but never again. He can hang on it the dog can stand on it the older kids can slam it and it won't budge. I feel much more safe when I leave the room with this thing guarding the stairs.
I cannot for the life of me grown indoor Parsley. I love it so much but it hates me, it really hates me.
Tell me about some things you recently learned.


  1. Kids grow out of things so fast it's completely re-dick! I think it's their way of telling us to buy them everything in the world because something gets outdated quicker than shit! But we can donate the things they don't use! Good in a sense I guess! My girls love those slides:) maybe I should slide down one with them:) Sounds FUN!

  2. Hey let me know when you are gonna flat iron your hair and I'll pack my umbrella! Haha! Love how your son changed his taste in a few short weeks. Suppose kids are funny like that. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back here to read more too!

  3. I've learned that certain seeds that we plant in life take longer to grow than others... It's easy to be happy for others, even when you don't know them very well, and stopping by to see glimpses of those certain individuals that have left imprints on our hearts, even though they may have no idea, can be comforting to the soul.

  4. I agree with Shannon, let us know and we'll be prepared.

    That's funny about your son! Too bad it costs $$ to redo everything.

    I love the magic eraser too, it really does work!

  5. Awwww, how sad! Jaden is in first grade, and wore a Patrick, from Sponge Bob, watch to school and immediately came home that afternoon saying it was a girl watch and that I could give it to the neighbor's 17 month old girl. (The watch was pink, but it was hot pink and lime green, total early 90's retro neon style.) It's so sad when you see them give up things they love because of what the kids think. It really breaks my heart when I feel like he is giving up his individuality because of peer pressure.