February 21, 2010

Missing McFatty Monday

Hello, I'm here, I will admit I went MIA last week and I didn't care. Maybe it was because I couldn't bear taking another photo, or maybe it was because I didn't loose a pound last week and to be honest I didn't lose anything this week either. I want to be able to make an excuse on why this might be occurring but I need no excuse I know exactly what is going on. 1. I have only been to the gym 3x in 2 weeks. 2. I haven't watched what I've eaten even a little bit, it hasn't been horrible but I haven't even thought about what a nice proportions is. In fact I picked up a new soft baked pretzel recipe and I had my fair share of carbs, cream cheese and mustard this week because of that! I keep telling myself well spring is here and we will be gardening and that will lead to more outside exercise, we will be moving soon and all that running around will lead to weight loss but I can't keep telling myself that. I have to act now because before I know it BAM bikini season will be here and I fear for the first time in my life I will not be shopping for a two piece but a flattering one piece (Le Sigh). So I had a bit of a break but its okay that is life and as long as I stay on the path I can take a pit stop every once in awhile.

I hope your journey ladies is not as slow and best of luck to you.

WEIGHT 2 WEEKS AGO- 152 pounds

WEIGHT THIS WEEK - 152 pounds

Killer Birthday Party

So yesterday we finally had the dual birthday party for Ethan and Kya at Lucky Strike bowling ( What a phenomenal venue by the way). All that planning really paid off and they had the best time. We had close to 30 people celebrate with us. The kids got so many gifts it rivaled 2 Christmas's. What amazed me was how in one day I really realized how grown up my little ones are. Ethan while bowling with his little friends had inside jokes, they were razzing each other about a bad roll, eating mass amounts of food ( MY GOD did we have so much food there), laughing and lounging like adults on the couch involved in their own little conversations. Kya was being such a social butterfly making sure to go up to everyone and making it a point to congratulate them on a good roll, asking people if they were having fun and whispering secrets to her little girl pals amidst all the noise around them. I couldn't believe that my babies have all of these adult qualities and quite enjoyable personalities. They have spent their time on this earth, learning, copying, exploring and forming who they will be. I am proud of who they are becoming, the thirst for learning, for loving and for living are amazing and to be their mother is such an indescribable honor I am incredibly humbled to be these remarkable children's mother. Happy birthday babies.
Note: I only had a bite of that cake and it was really awesome!

February 10, 2010

Sleep will you be my Valentine?

Every year I am always fantasizing about some romantic gesture for Valentines ( yes, I completely buy into it). This year things have changed. Do I want candy? I kinda do but its not good for my diet. Do I want a romantic dinner? I might but it also wouldn't be great for my weight loss since I know I would carb up something fierce. Do I want alone sexy, sexy time with my husband? Yes, but not as bad as I want this. That thing is sleep, oh sweet sleep, how perfect you are, you never disappoint. The only reason I want to get up in the middle of the night right now is to look for the cool side of the pillow. Everyone always warns you how your priorities will change when your older and for those that are still skeptical their not lying. I want to sleep right through 11pm, 1am, 3am, 6am and get up whenever I please as opposed to the regular 6:50 am we do everyday. So in conclusion. Sleep, will you be my Valentine????

February 8, 2010

McFatty Monday #5

Alright this may be short and sweet everyone as I only had a few sweet hours of sleep and I haven't had my tea yet this morning.

This week my body and the kids cooperated and I made it to the gym 4 times this week for at least an hour and a half workout each time. I switched it up so I wasn't bored I alternated between running and walking to get my heart rate going, leg squats, ab stuff and light weights. I finally did my measurements because I think I will see more change in those numbers than on the scale






So in addition to feeling pretty good this week and I added the site LIVESTRONG to my daily regimen and I say run do not walk to this site to help you on your way, you start by putting in your weight and height and age and then you can go to daily plate and type in anything ( literally anything, its in there) in to what you ate and BOOM it pops up how many calories and how many you have left to eat for the day, its awesome. So to wrap it up this week I did see some change on the scale and that felt pretty darn good

WEIGHT LAST WEEK - 154.5 pounds

WEIGHT THIS WEEK- 152 pounds

OH yes , yes ,yes I lost 2 pounds, so I tried on some pre-pregnancy jeans well lets just say I got them on but as far as the comfort level that was a big fat fail. I'll try again in a couple weeks

February 5, 2010

Am I ready to head down this expensive road?

My daughter has been begging for an American Girl doll badly since she knows her 5th birthday is coming. I have been hesitate since I know that the ideal age to start this venture is 8 and the doll and all the accessories are quite pricey. We received a package in the mail for myself yesterday and she thought for sure it was her doll, jumping up and down and saying thank you mommy, thank you, thank you. I though it was pretty hilarious but than I wonder I am currently spoiling her. Is she going to grow up and feel entitled as well as feeling like what ever she asks for she will get.

I have to admit I have fallen victim to the "pink" aisle in the toy store and lived vicariously through her and this has resulted in her getting more than a truckload of toys, dolls, nik-nacks, trendy things and crafts. Now if she asked me for a full on lab set with microscope I'd run out to the nearest medical supplier and grab one up regardless of price but its a doll that is famous for... I'm not real sure yet. My husband gave the go ahead to get one for her birthday and it is fun to order it but I hope that I can stick my heels in the ground a little more on this slippery slope before she starts asking for international trips for her birthday one year!

This doll looks the most like little Kya. I appreciate that she wanted one that looked just like her and not a blonde, blue eyed doll. I guess I dont have to worry about her confidence.