January 23, 2011

We rocked the headboard!

 Sorry the following post has nothing  involving headboard rocking maritals but its close!

One trip to Lowes and one trip to JoAnn fabric and we were ready to start "project headboard". I was only slightly worried that this could either be a very romantic gesture to our marriage bed or cause a gladiator Saturday fight over the assembly. From shopping to assembly everything went smoothly and I would have to say it all went perfectly except when it came to putting the duvet in the duvet cover. Really the only bickering occurred because there was a lack of knowledge on what a duvet was and why it needs a cover (ahem: not me). I was proud of us and it was fun and we both put in equally as much time and creative juice into this project. We have some future projects coming up which is a potential mirror wall, new paint, custom built night stands and the high hope that I can keep fresh flowers on those night stands.