June 28, 2011

Back with a bang

I could ramble on of  the reasons I haven't touched my blog in awhile but I'm gonna sum it up in a little package of I didn't feel like it and leave it at that. I have so many things that have recently been going on as school is now out for summer and the largest being I am PREGNANT with baby number four. Do you know how weird it is to know this is my life? I am completely ecstatic with it and I really am in love with everything in my life. This coming from the girl who made it well known that I was going to travel, be single, unattached and mostly that I never wanted children is now making leaps and bounds to becoming a unique fusion of some obsessed soccer mom, wine drinking connoisseur, crafting, scrapbooking, knitting, momarazzi, (as of Wednesday) Minivan driving, phenomenal savory cook (humbly) mother. Talk about the the transformation. I am desperately trying to get the house in order, which is mostly cosmetic such as : painting, laying new wood floors, making an upstairs homework nook and making the master bedroom /6 month nursery ready. So life is good, we are blessed and everyone is happy and healthy. Can't say much more. So I'll post my current pregnancy bio stats to catch everyone up to date.

How far along - 20 weeks 2 days
Weight gain - +1 pound
Cravings - Avacodo with lemon
Sleep - Better now that I have the Cool Max pregnancy pillow
Gender - It will remain a mystery
Movement - Active but nothing strong
Activity - This week it has definitely become a pain in the ass to bend over to put on toddler shoes

Here are the kiddies enjoying their summer so far.