April 26, 2010

McFatty Monday, Pressure is on.

I am in that small percentage group that while breastfeeding lose ZERO weight. Now with my first two children I shed weight like crazy breastfeeding so I looked forward to it this time and thought "I won't have any problems" HA. As long as that kid wanted to eat every 2 hours my body was clinging on to those pounds like a vice. Recently my body slowed production down, way down because he only wants to nurse in the morning and at night and boom there goes the weight. I wanted to say it was because of the 30 day shred or the fact that I garden 5 hours a day holding Adrian in the Moby when its nice out but I know its not. I notice it most in the shower and washing up with the loofah, my thighs feel different, I have less of a pooch on the gut and my butt...well that has stayed exactly the same, I think the butt is waiting for him to completely ween from breastfeeding.

So I'm excited, I'm glad I'm making a little progress and then husband says "were going to Mexico in June, lets get hot and fit together". Oh man I do so well when I don't have to preform. I'm ecstatic to go trust me but know that the lack of breastfeeding  occurring I also have a lack of ...ah hem... boobs. I now have to find a swimsuit with a small top and a large bottom. Three cheers for bottom half weight loss. Boo for boobie weight loss.

 I thought Hey I'll make a really cute pic update but who am I kidding I better stay real because this is what I look like most of the day. Adrain was practicing standing on my leg during the pic, no makeup, just finished 30 day shred and  pre-morning tea. Rock on!

Weight last week - 158pounds
Weight this week- 152 pounds


  1. I wish I could lose my boobs - maybe one of these days I'll get knocked up and then they'll deflate! You already look hott (with TWO Ts!)keep up the good work - I think you look great already!

  2. You look fantastic! Congrats!

  3. Wow! Your doing great! You'll lose that shit in no time! And you look a hellofalot better than alotta people! Mexico better get ready for this babe!

  4. I would give a lot of money to get rid of my boobs. In fact, I probably will after I have kids. :o)

    Woah, 6 pounds! Congrats!

  5. 6 lbs, damn!!

    Oh, and your wedding dress was absolutely stunning!!!!! You should make a post of your wedding pics!

  6. New to your site...I am with you, I never lost weight while breastfeeding. It came off easily when I was all done though! Congratulations on your weight loss - FYI I came from Blogfrog! Blessings

  7. ...interesting! I haven't been loosing while breastfeeding and didn't know that there was a posiblity that it may come off afterwards... YAY for that thought!!! :)

    You look fabulous!