July 21, 2011

23 weeks...how many are left?

23 weeks and I feel pretty good, no real complaints besides the occasional crippling back pain but it passes. Summer is going well, the kids are enjoying every minute of it and this heat wave has been spent inside in central air so I REALLY can't complain at all.

How far along - 23 weeks 4 days
Weight gain - +3 pounds
Cravings - Crispy Chocolate cookies with cold milk and only at 9:30 at night
Sleep - like a log
Gender - It will remain a mystery
Movement - Active and baby is really getting the hang of ninja kicks to the bladder
Activity - Lets just say if there is a lot of toys on the floor, they are gonna stay there.

July 8, 2011

My personal mascara journey

I do not wear much makeup. I wear just a simple tinted moisturizer, some light bronzer, and mascara on a day to day basis but if I'm in a rush or just around the house I wear only mascara. Its the one item that I feel perks up my whole face and transforms it from frumpy mom to bushy tailed domestic goddess, well that might be an extreme description but I have to say I at least feel less frumpy. So I went to Sephora a year ago and said well, hell if I love mascara so much than I should put maybe investigation to the best that's out there and go through trial and error and over the course of a year I tried them all and have come to the conclusion that I have found THE ONE.

1st- Buxom, Sephora Price $22.00
       Conclusion- Thick lashes but hours later tiny black flakes end up on my cheeks, not long lasting. Adios.

2nd-Dior Show Waterproof, Sephora, Price $24.50
       Conclusion- Not a good lash separator, Clumps, Does not come off easily with makeup remover, so if you get a clump your stuck with it unless you pluck out offending clumped lashes.

3rd-Kat Von D High Frquency, Sephora, Price$18.00
       Conclusion- Too thick, a few hours of wear before you get raccoon eyes.

4th- Clinique High Impact, Macys, $14.50
       Conclusion- Great color, you have to reapply to keep a good effect, not waterproof

5th Maybelline Define a Lash, Rite Aid, $6.00
      Conclusion- Not bold, good separator, does not wash off well, Have to reapply but that proves difficult due to the waterproof feature.

6th- Givenchy Phenomen'eyes effects, Sephora, Price $29.50

       Conclusion- I had high hopes for this funky looking wand but every time I used it I was wiping off more than I put on with a q-tip. I don't qualify for the talent this takes. It is bold in color, but clumps, uneven, and leaves raccoon eyes after a couple hours.

7th and FINAL Cover Girl Lash Blast Waterprrof, Rite Aid, $7.79
       Conclusion- My by far favorite. A great separator, thickener, bold color, lengthener, does not wear off, no reapplication needed, washes off with remover or shower

So after a few bad eye days a lot of money wasted but a wealth of knowledge gained with no thanks to the Sephora makeup consultant, whom I noticed never had on great mascara, I don't know why I followed her so blindly to new products to try. Now do I look like the commercials with the models with OBVIOUS falsies on with mascara...no but that's okay.

::side note:: Look at her, do people think you can roll out of bed and whip on some mascara and look like that? Heck no, that chick spent 4 hours in a chair getting lash extensions and then they probably photo shopped it.

I have found my go to mascara and who would have thought, its right around the corner.

July 1, 2011

Flashback Friday

Flash back to 2008 when my dear fiancee was still living in Maine finishing up his Fellowship year in OMT. He never thought he would ever end up back in Michigan in fact he swore he never would but with my circumstances I had to stay in Michigan and he decided that the kids and I were worth this sacrifice and he didn't blink. We had a great romantic final week before we Uhauled all his belongings to Michigan. We were married in December of this year. This picture was taken at Acadia Park and I am wearing 3 day old clothes because the airport lost my luggage at JFK during my connecting flight (grrr). So I wanted to look fabulous and adorable but I was with my toothbrush, lotions and clothes. So we had a run to Meijer and picked up what I need until it came. When your so deep in love on a mini honeymoon, that kind of stuff doesn't bug you as much as say it would any other time. That trip was very memorable, the clam chowder and lobster at outdoor restaurants, puffin watching the great Irish pub down the street and cuddling on his god awful futon.

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