January 31, 2010

McFatty Monday #4 Success and Temptation

You might be asking "why would she post a pic of beautiful cupcakes on a weight loss post?" well... because I thought I should be accountable to all of you out their in the World Wide Web and show you just what I faced this last Saturday? I went to Just Baked here in town to order my kids birthday cake for the party in a couple weeks and I was just a few feet from the door and I just could not resist or lets be honest I just didn't want to. I did for the most part really behave myself this week. I worked out at the gym a few times when I could schedule my sons nap time for the child care center ladies, since every other waking moment he had this week was spent screaming. I did my Pilate's at home and decided I will not put away the yoga mat so that it is a constant reminder to do it daily. I keep meaning to take measurements ( thanks Jen for the reminder) so that I can actually see progress because I think that the scale numbers may jump around but I still will be progressing as far as toning. My favorite healthy dish this week was spinach and romaine salad with walnuts,beets and balsamic. It may not be for everyone but it really satisfies all my taste buds, I do have to admit that if I don't have a carb with every meal I will about implode. So all in all this week I was happy with my performance besides the stress eating that occurred on Saturday with the cupcakes but I deserved it after I survived the week of a non-stop screaming babe.

This week I discovered this thing called the Full Bar, which I looked into to curb/stop my late night snacking and I must give it a seal of approval for 2 reasons 1- It didn't taste too bad 2- It actually worked. After all this I came to find out that my late night snacking is not due to not being full but because I have an oral fixation that just makes me want to have something in my mouth ( I apologize to you sweetie that this has not benefited you more). So I have realized that I need to exercise my mental state in resisting snacks instead.

Goal 1 - Drink more water- succeeded

Goal 2- Exercise 3-4x- succeeded

Goal 3- Resist late night snacking- An earnest try

Weight last week - 155 pounds

Weight this week - 154 1/2 pounds (Does this count? Heck Yeah it does!

My 4 year old took this picture, she thought I should face forward today instead.


  1. Great job this week, you look fab!! Keep it up... and don't worry about the cupcakes, we all deserve a little indulgence once in awhile :)

  2. You look amazing!!! We all deserve a cupcake (or two) to get us through tough weeks every once in a while, we can't always deprive ourselves!! Good job!! (and yes, every 1/2 lb counts!)

  3. Wow you look fantastic! I wouldn't feel too bad about cheating if I were you! Everything in moderation right/?

  4. You look great! I am taking your advise and doing measurements! Keep it up!

  5. Minus the beets, that salad sounds wonderful! And I love carbs. I would have an affair with carbs if it were legal.

    Congrats on your good work this week!

  6. I want.toeat.thatpicture! You are looking great. And thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving some encouragement. :)