January 31, 2010

The fluid in my ear is vibrating

I thought okay two kids down I should be able to take what ever a baby can throw out, well... I was wrong. I never had a screaming baby that screamed for absolutely no reason WHAT SO EVER, well I'm sure he knows what he's crying about but God help me if I can figure it out. It started on Monday and has kept on till today. Kya has been such a huge help this week with entertaining Adrian in between screaming that I am very close to getting her that American Girl doll she keeps asking for in thanks. My husband has been gone two hours away working till we move in February and that means during the week I'm doing the single mom thing. Even though I was a single mom for years I really forgot how hard it can be. Adrian has left me unable to do anything productive in any timely manner and even though our gym has a daycare I felt bad bringing him just so he could scream for someone else so I only made it a couple times this week. At night I would just sit in my nursing chair holding him while he screamed, screamed and screamed some more, the fluid in my ears vibrating, with Kya trying desperately to tune him out while coloring and then just giving up and escaping to her toy room upstairs. I wished myself I could just escape into the toy room and play with Zhu Zhu Pets till I regained my sanity but I was stuck there trying to calm him, nurse him, sing to him, nothing worked, nothing. I broke down mid week, trekked to Baby's R Us and bought teething gel, gripe water and an activity jumper in hopes that something would help. He enjoyed the jumper but for 10 minutes at a time and what a sweet 10 minutes those where. The husband arrived home on Friday and I had to really restrain myself from kissing him and the babe on the cheek and jetting to anywhere that had less decibels than a jet engine but I didn't and instead we all went to Lowes while he napped in the stroller and we shopped for new appliances, I was content. As long as I have my mate by my side helping me tame the zoo, I am okay with dealing with the screaming and craziness of the kids during the week.

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