January 18, 2010

McFatty Monday #2

So its week 2 and man do I have a lot to say. First I was plowed over by a wicked head cold Monday through...well it still clinging on like a freaking gremlin but it's better than it was. So needless to say having a cold this week affected my goals, drastically. First I drank MASSIVE amounts of water, I am talking about right at a gallon a day. So I will mark myself down for one goal met successfully. Second because of said sickness I didn't do a single workout, not even any stretching. Although if you count on Tuesday as I was loading Adrian and Kya into the Jeep for her pre-school class and already running slightly behind, I made right around 5 full trips up and down 2 full sets of stairs in 8 minutes because in my head fog and lack of sleep from Adrian still being unable to sleep more than three hours at a time, I kept forgetting keys...water bottle...diaperbag...Kyas backpack...cell phone. I almost screamed and threw myself on the ground kicking by the time I made the last trip upstairs but I guess I was just trying not to pass out from being out of shape.

On Monday though I was determined to reach one of my goals this week and that included a head turning, transformational haircut. So even in my snotty existence I dragged my unable to say S's or F's behind down to a salon where my wonderful friend Shawna Robie, took charge and started cutting away. I did all this while I held Adrian in my lap and Kya sprawled out in the middle of the salon playing her Leapster ( Slightly off topic but, thank you GOD for the Leapster). So I left that salon with a sweet haircut which I still am in love with and a haircut even my husband loves (he had to view it via Skype since he's out of town).
As far as eating goes this week well, I didn't completely fail. I had breakfast of scrambled eggs and tea or oatmeal with flax seed. Lunch was mostly turkey sandwiches or fruit and dinner was varying but I tried to maintain healthy proportions I do have fresh vegetables every single night. I also have a vitamin regimen I follow faithfully of a multi, zinc, echinacea, Vit. C, calcium and Vit. D. Night time snacking is my problem, so I picked up some cheddar rice cakes to curb that and I'm not sure if eating half the bag is not the plan but it's what happened and by Tuesday I didn't have any more rice cakes:( This weekend I completely fell off the wagon. Husband and I had a much needed date night Friday and I had what I can only imagine was the worst thing on the menu a ::gasp:: steak burrito, and wine. We went to a movie later and I had sour patch kids but refrained from the popcorn because something about them having 40 grams of fat, I just couldn't shake. The next day we just HAD to try this new pizzeria restaurant in town and I failed there again although I did have a salad with vinaigrette but I doubt that is reversing my caloric intake that followed. So in summary

Goal 1- Drink much more water- Succeeded

Goal 2- Exercise 3-4x a week ( pilates or yoga and walking)- Failed

Goal 3- Get a kickoff makeover- succeeded

Goal 4- Avoid late night snacking- Success in the fact I tried but Failed in the fact I ate my plan in two days

I have to say that it was much easier working out without a baby before but people do it so I have no excuse and since I am no longer 20 after having a baby its A LOT different this time around. Also and this is TMI but I have to limit how hard I work out (hence why I said no cardio in my exercise plan) because my milk supply ( I breastfeed) tanks really low, so I can't do that because feeding my son is still more important than fitting back into great jeans again.

I decided that I will take my weekly photo in yoga pants and a sports bra since I can't hide anything from myself, no photo tricks allowed like if I wore cargos and a sweater.

Weight this week- 156 pounds that's -2 pounds (I'll take it)

So tell me what happened in your week of Healthy goals if you succeeded or failed.


  1. It's amazing what a great haircut will do for your self-esteem and motivation!!! Keep it up!