January 11, 2010

Mcfatty Monday #1

I am starting a new blog inspired by a fellow blogger Heir to Blair that has started McFatty Mondays, its all about getting healthy and staying on track. I have decided to join in and I hope to not look back at putting on the same yoga pants ( although that might take motivation as opposed to weight lose.) everyday, not snacking on things off the top self of the cupboard at 11pm, and wasting money on my gym membership every month. This is not solely based on the numbers on the scale ( it was at first) but I really hope I end up finding myself a stronger person, a more determined person and I can't lie I REALLY wanna fit back into some sweet jeans!

So every week/every other week I will update these stats with pictures (bravely).

Pre-Pregnancy weight - 151 pounds (picture is from 6 weeks pregnant)

Weight day of delivery - 176 pounds
Post-Pregnancy - 158 pounds Yes, that is baby drool on my sweater, I was going to change shirts but...I just don't care.
Now even though my pre and post numbers may be close together that doesn't mean anything . I'm technically 5 sizes bigger in my jeans SOB!

So I am looking forward to this new venture and hope you enjoy watching this journey and maybe just maybe you might join in the fun!


  1. Get it going girl!!! I did a while back and feel great!!! ~Jordan

  2. Aww I want to do it as well what are some things you are gonna do as far as diet any one in perticular u want to follow?


  3. Why cant you be normal and just cook every Julia Child recipe in a year or something, but good luck babe!