January 24, 2010

McFatty Monday #3 (baby steps)

Okay so I am getting into the meat of this weight loss journey and I finally am starting to get it. I stood my ground in front of my fridge more than once this week. I purged my cupboards of crappy food and all juice. So when the 8:30 pm snack cravings came I had no choice but to behave. I went to the gym 3x , 3x... isn't that amazing, except the first day there I over did it, ran 4 miles and got shin splints (OWIE). Also it was the first time Adrian went to any kind of care center. My gym, Life Time Fitness is amazing and has a wonderful center there that children 3 months and up can go to for 2 hours a day while you work out. They said he did beautifully and I was never paged back down to change a diaper or feed him one time! Thank you Adrian for not having mommy paged while in the locker room showers. On the days I didn't go I busted out my favorite Pilate's DVD, rolled out my yoga mat, sat Adrian in the Bumbo and got my lean muscle stretching on for the next 50 minutes. Kya also like to join in for about 10 minutes but gets bored and leaves to go play or color. Also I find it odd that I am jealous of my 4 year old in how easily she can lean all the way over and touch her toes with out forgetting to breath or being able to keep up with the sadistic leader counting away with NO problem. Anyways I am happy with my performance and I have to say I am seeing improvement in my arms already from lifting light weight but it COULD be from lifting my 15 pound child in his car seat every where we go!

Goal 1-Drink a ton of water daily- succeeded (except on Saturday)

Goal 2 - Get to the gym and work out for a minimum of 1hr 2-3x and do Pilate's every day- succeeded except for Saturday and Sunday I took off

Goal 3- Start keeping a food log- Failed- I guess I'm not ready to start tracking my fat grams and am happy doing the moderation thing but I really hope to start

Goal 4- Avoid late night snacking- succeeded, I did much better since I only had apples around most of the week.

Weight last week- 156pounds

Weight this week- 155pounds

I didn't lose a lot this week but my stomach and hips went down some which lead to looser fitting jeans ( Thank GOD). I accredit most of that to toning exercises as opposed to full on cardio.

So everyone tell me about your week and let me know about your progress!


  1. great job! and i hear you on the being jealous of the flexibility thing. i used to be a dancer and touching my toes was nothing. now i can barely reach my shins!

  2. Congratulations! I wish my gym had day care...

  3. You look amazing! 1 lb is one lb & I bet you're gaining a ton of muscle working out!

  4. LOOKING GOOD!! I'm going to take advantage this Friday of my gym's daycare!! Let's hope I have as much success!!

  5. Looking good--congrats dear. I am a new reader and look forward to watching this journey.

    Oh... I am a new follower. Please come follow back if you would like. I am doing some great giveaways right now (ipod nano and itunes giftcard) and have some great ones coming up! Nice to meet you!