February 5, 2010

Am I ready to head down this expensive road?

My daughter has been begging for an American Girl doll badly since she knows her 5th birthday is coming. I have been hesitate since I know that the ideal age to start this venture is 8 and the doll and all the accessories are quite pricey. We received a package in the mail for myself yesterday and she thought for sure it was her doll, jumping up and down and saying thank you mommy, thank you, thank you. I though it was pretty hilarious but than I wonder I am currently spoiling her. Is she going to grow up and feel entitled as well as feeling like what ever she asks for she will get.

I have to admit I have fallen victim to the "pink" aisle in the toy store and lived vicariously through her and this has resulted in her getting more than a truckload of toys, dolls, nik-nacks, trendy things and crafts. Now if she asked me for a full on lab set with microscope I'd run out to the nearest medical supplier and grab one up regardless of price but its a doll that is famous for... I'm not real sure yet. My husband gave the go ahead to get one for her birthday and it is fun to order it but I hope that I can stick my heels in the ground a little more on this slippery slope before she starts asking for international trips for her birthday one year!

This doll looks the most like little Kya. I appreciate that she wanted one that looked just like her and not a blonde, blue eyed doll. I guess I dont have to worry about her confidence.


  1. I LOVED these as a kid... I actually still have mine :) This is def worth the money!

  2. I'm afraid of this with my daughter when she gets older. I didn't have much growing up since my dad left and paid no child support...but we are a 2 income household and she's already wrapped around daddy's little finger...but that being said, I had to have my cabbage patch dolls when I was younger. I have 2 and my mom sent them out for Abby to have. I think things like this are super special and your daughter will always cherish it.

  3. when I got my first American Girl doll (I named her Traci. she had red hair and green eyes!) I had to earn it. I didn't have an allowance or anything, but my mom gave me tiny little chores to do that helped me earn money, and I had to earn half of it. Maybe you could do that with like all of the cute outfits and additional things? You're still paying for it, but she gets a little more ownership/responsibility for it? anyways.