August 5, 2010

No-Go BlogHer blog hop and questions!!!


Yes I do wish I could go to BlogHer but I'm not sure if its because that it would be three days of not being  "a  full time mom". Wear heels without carrying a diaper bag and dropping kids off to soccer or to network with other great mom bloggers that I love! Either way life did not have it in the cards. The kids are hitting a climax of activity this time of year and with a husband on call as much as he is there is no way I could make it. So I am stoked (is stoked still a cool word to use?) to be joining the NoGo BlogHer!
 When did you start blogging? I never even knew anything of the blogging world till I joined a site called The Bump during my last pregnancy with my son and started talking to other moms out there and seeing what blogs where all about 
Why did you start blogging?
I loved the idea of blogging first. I have always as a kid wanted to keep a diary. I had locked unicorn diaries,  Lisa Frank diaries and many other glittery things that I never finished. I always started out well with 2 weeks of solid entries and then blank pages. So the idea of blogging and having a record of my life was very intriguing.  

What is one thing you are doing this week that is way cooler than attending BlogHer?
We have swim lesson for the kids the rest of the week and then Saturday I was asked to play in a 4v4 sand volleyball tournament. Right now I'm thinking "how the hell am I not going to die while I pretend to be 22 again". UGH! 

Share a post that is your favorite or the best description of you.


  1. Oh we all had those diaries!

    I would go crash the BlogHer parties if I wasn't getting a pedi tonight and wasn't so chicken! LOL

  2. Swim lessons are so important! Hope the volleyball goes well! new follower :)

  3. I wisg I could see this vollyball game ;D Have fun and thanks for stopping by my blog! I am following you now!

  4. Stopping by from the no-go blog hop. Following you on twitter. Have a great time showing off your "22" age volleyball skills. :)

  5. Lisa Frank!!! Loved her too!! Cute blog!! Newest follower :)

  6. I did the same thing...had a diary or journal that just stopped! I used to have a Word Doc journal that I wrote an entry for every single day...until I started dating my boyfriend and instead of being full of angst and drama, every entry started to be "Like's so great! I'm so happy!" and then just fizzled out...

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great Non-BlogHer week!

    Cheap Geeks Anonymous

  7. Ha! I was the same way! I had 10 -1/4 started diaries! writing seemed like back then :)Popping by from No-Go Blogher Blog Hop!

  8. i had a lisa frank diary too!!! kindred spirits. =)

    thanks for stopping by. your family is beautiful. good luck in your sand volleyball tourney. sounds fun!!

  9. Hi Thanks for following my mommy blog. I am your fitness guru reader - i have a fitness blog too -

  10. Thanks for stopping by! Your babies are gorgeous!!

    Happy nogoblogher hop!

  11. Stopping by and following through the No- Go hop! Your thing about the Lisa Frank diaries brought back some major memories! I was obsessed with that stuff! Too funny!

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  13. Stopping by to say hi from the No-Go BlogHer Blog Hop!!
    Your family is beautiful!!
    I am now following you!!

  14. Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. My daughter had swimming lessons all this week, too, with a couple of soccer practices thrown in for good measure. Enjoy your weekend!

    Diana from Toronto Teacher Mom

  15. Did you survive the volleyball tournament? That 4 on 4 is way too hard for me. I'm okay with 6 on 6 and used to play a couple seasons of sand volleyball with a team from work.

    We did go to the Browns scrimmage game Saturday and will post about it on Tuesday. Nice to "meet" you.

  16. Hey! I love your blog. The effect on the photos on your header is really cool! THanks so much for stopping by last week. Sorry for the delay. We had an unexpected emergency but everything's good now! :) I'm about to be your newest follower! YAY for cloth mommies!!! :)