August 4, 2010

My thought on "the mom tattoo".

Today we went and had little Kyas hair cut at a new salon in town and as I was being type A all over the hairdresser to make sure they didn't give her the "pineapple" cut I noticed  the stylist on break lounging in her chair with a little tattoo on her foot and it intrigued me.  She had a small pair of scissors tattoo in just black and white something similar looking to this.

Now I have been thinking for years now about getting a tattoo and what I could live with for the rest of my life. I really was struck by this young hairdressers choice because its her career, maybe her passion and apparently something she can and will live with for the rest of her life. I thought about other professionals that decide to have it imprinted forever on their bodies.


To have the guts to put this on yourself you had better be dang good at your job otherwise you just kinda look like ass.

Now as a stay at home mother what kind of instrument displays my joy of motherhood? A diaper? A bottle? A soccer schedule? Folded laundry? A child climbing my leg? The more I thought about it I realized unlike many professions out there motherhood has no specific instrument that defines your "job". So I'm still thinking about what I want to get but it could be years away still or maybe next month but I do know its not any easy decision and the only thing I do know I carry everyday as I do my "job" is a heart bursting with love. Although I don't think that a graphic tattoo of a heart bursting is going to look very good.

Do you have any tattoos? What do you think is the best mom tattoo?


  1. I have a few and they are all girly. Butterflies, flowers, stars, hearts, and my kids names too.

    I'm thinking of more flowers and cute insects since I need to add my daughters name to my back.

  2. I have a few tattoos; a Japanese symbol on my foot, my star sign on my wrist, and my daughters name on my back in between my shoulder blades. It's addictive, and I'm already thinking of my next one!

  3. the one tattoo that I have is a tribute to my mom. Poignant that you should ask! I got the same tattoo that my mom has, which is a heart and a flower, it's very "biker style", it was done by the same artist who did her work, but mine was done 20 years after hers was. It's something that I'm always going to love and want, and not something I simply picked off the wall.
    Tattoos are beautiful artwork to express yourself with, but they are VERY PERMANENT! So it's good to give it a lot of thought beforee diving in.

  4. I have four. I have the Chinese symbol for happiness on lower back, or a tramp I got it after a very rough couple of years. I also have a fairy on my right hip and a heart/star on my right foot. These were gifts from my boyfriend. My latest one is my son's name on my left foot with stars around it. I got the stars in the first colors Jack recognized or could say.

  5. Unlike most professions, you have a million different options that you could have tattooed that represent being a mom. Personally, I think a tattoo of a child climbing your leg would look awesome! A bottle, a diaper, even folded laundry. All great ideas, and a good artist could have a lot of fun with them and give you something very fitting to being a mom. :)

    I have a bass clef on the inside of my left wrist (as I am a bass player), and I have an artist currently designing a full sleeve for my right arm of a Bible verse in pictorial form.