August 8, 2010

It's official I'm not 20 anymore. McFatty Monday

Regardless of birthday gifts, cake, candles and friends all gathering at your favorite restaurant. Aging doesn't always click. Do we celebrate birthdays to say "Congrats you didn't die this year."?  "Congrats and hey, try not to die this coming year so we can party again".? or is it " Congrats and we better party because you are saying goodbye to the best years of your life"? Yeah those might be a slight morbid but in my opinion more accurate than not! So I haven't been 20 for a while and I'm fine with it as long as I felt young or as young as you can feel after 3 kids. Feeling young to me is possessing the ability to stay up late, wake up early and still function, falling and healing without breaking a stride. endless endurance that could come from eating Mountain Dew, cold pizza, taco bell  non stop and not calling in to work with stomach cramps and bathroom runs. Each year I take better and better care of my body and I seem to have less and less of those qualities.
So the big realization that I am not 20 anymore is not because my** birthday is coming up but because yesterday I played in a 4v4 sand volleyball tournament with some friends and I experienced something completely new. Fear of getting hurt, being right about getting hurt, complaining like my grandmother about my feet, and drinking a gallon of water just to be able to stand up right. This all proved to me more that if I want to be "Demi Moore in shape" as I get older ( yes I do realize the she is a result of good genes and plastic docs though)
I need to freaking get on the ball.

When did you realize that you are not immortal and have to try harder?

and no there are no fabulous pictures of me eating sand at this glorious event so don't ask.

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