August 13, 2010

The kids taught me a lot this week!

You get cocky after a few kids, with your confidence in how well you schedule everyone, run the house and manage not losing your mind in the process. Then either your rose colored glasses fall off or just plain ol' reality sets in that in fact you DO NOT have it all under your badly manicured thumb and can be surprised daily.
What the kids taught me this week were not life lesson but lessons nonetheless.

1. Being an 8 year old boy around other 8 year boy all playing soccer means that he will not converse with you while you are on the sidelines asking him question. You are on your own and he does not know you until he needs food or water.

2. A 10 moth old refuses to nice and neatly feed himself so that the food falls on his over size bib but feeds himself so that it only falls beside him to stick to the fabric covering  and his pants. So I have refused to put the adorable cover on the highchair (the reason I bought it) so I can just disinfect it after each meal with out doing a load of laundry and save a lot of time! It now does not look cute but is more functional, oh well sa la vie.

3. A 10 month old does know how to feed the dog from the table.

4. 5 year olds are incapable of putting their shoes on unless you actually check to see that they are actually on their little feet because it is possible that you will drive an hour from home get out of the car and hear "Mommy I don't have any shoes on." and then walk your child into Target barefoot to purchase some new shoes.

You will be keeping your eyes to your nose as people MUST be judging you, thinking how you are an incapable and neglectful mother. Put some rocking new pink Converse shoes on her and then hear "your the best mommy" and be suddenly okay with the whole situation.

5. When an 8 year old is allowed toe ride in the front seat he automatically thinks he is DJ Jazzy Fresh, allowed to rule the radio an CD player with a 5 year old shouting request like a 13 yr old at a New Kids On The Block concert ( is that reference out of date?) from the back seat!

6. You will never get used to the first time your baby says mama out of the blue while eating dinner and smiles at you. You also forget that you go crazy and become addicted to them saying it over and over again like crack until your husbands says "hon give him a break".

7. An 8 year olds socks can smell so bad coming out of their soccer bag that it can make you dry heave.


  1. Hilarious post!! I don't have kids yet, but I love reading stories of how it will be like someday for me :)

  2. Love this post....I am think'n there is a Meme in the making here!! As I am reading had me thinking of all the things that my kids taught me this week too...Great Post!

  3. Or hear "Mommy I don't have any shoes on." and then tell the child he/she will have to go barefoot until he/she gets home. Ironically with girls this can backfire because they often prefer to go barefoot and they will continue to "forget".