June 4, 2010

What we ate!

    So the goal was to write a post following me through a week of food , what I cooked, how I squeezed into our schedule and the turn out. First I thought  "oh, I'm totally going to go all domestic goddess on them and show them something amazing" Then...well... I either ran out of ideas, energy, or thought it was a bad idea to be something I am not. So here is a breakdown of the family's week in food.

Monday- Crab and potato chowder done in crock pot ( crock pots are a mothers best friend)
                basic ingredients- red potato chopped in quarter, can of blue crab claw meat ( whole foods), whole milk, half and half, roasted corn off of corn on the cob, shot of Tabasco, fresh parsley, a bay leaf, salt & pepper, fresh grated Parmesan  ::side note:: I use fresh grated parm on almost everything,LOVE. The kids liked this but in a small amount, they ate more salad than chowder, but husband loved it and had 2 1/2 servings.
Tuesday- Parmesan crusted chicken breast, Greek orzo, sauteed summer squash
               Chicken breast pounded thin, drug through egg,crushed toasted bread crumbs, fresh grated     
               Parmesan,salt & pepper. Cooked in coconut oil (I use this or olive oil) for about 4 minutes per side
               summer squash sauteed in butter, orzo with feta, kalamata olives, crushed tomatoes,parsley & mint. Everyone liked this dish a lot, the orzo was " too something" as my 5 yr old said so she had a small portion but still ate it.
Tabbouleh- lunches from Wednesday on, I make a HUGE batch. I have a bowl for lunch everyday and its the most filling, flavorful and healthy lunch out there.
 Oh yes that is a picture of me (being extremely cheesy) cooking up some love for the family. That lovely apron is a gift from my husband and Willams Sonoma, most ladies might get upset if they were given cooking items as a gift from the significant other but I am thrilled and that makes my husband thrilled because he knows all things kitchen ultimately benefit him. There really is nothing better than turning on my kitchen T.V., having a glass of cooking wine and cooking my heart out for a few hours, even if I am interrupted 5 times for diapers, snack, bottle for baby, husband can't find cord for misc electronic, and the dog.
Wednesday- BRATS, BRATS, BRATS and I'm not talking about those whore dolls.
                     Its summer so a few times a week its grill time baby. This makes for happy kids and happy                           wife. Dinner takes only an hour to prep and serve and the kids think its a major treat. Everyone in this house loves a good brat but the kids will just chew and chew them forever so I cook up Hebrew National hot dogs for them, although they eat more asparagus then me and my husband combined.
 Brats, grilled asparagus with lemon juice, olive oil and salt, basted on in the veggie basket and of course a delightful English beer to make it a perfect meal.

Thursday- Grilled chicken breast, stuffed tomatoes
                 Basic grilled chicken with lemon and rosemary, stuffed beefsteak tomatoes with minced Kalamata olives, spicy Kalamata olives, bread crumbs, onion,olive oil salt & pepper, baked for 20 minutes. Also fresh grated Parmesan cheese, I told you I put it on everything. This was a hit and even included moans of joy and kisses from my husband during dinner! I love feeding him!

 Friday- Lamb and green bean rice pilaf
             This is my families ALL TIME FAVORITE meal. I broil a leg of lamb coasted with horseradish       mustard, greek seasoning as well as coarse sea salt and cook for 40 minutes. Green bean rice pilaf has too many steps so I will let you just click on it to see the directions, the only difference is you add frozen or fresh green beans at the end. As Dora would say "Delicioso!!"

 Saturday Lunch- Left over lamb pitas
                           Pita, sliced leftover lamb leg, tomatoes, feta, homemade taziki sauce, grated cucumbers                                  plain greek yogurt, mint minced, sea salt and lemon. Everyone loved this and my 5 year old wanted seconds.

Saturday night- We went to dinner at Melting Pot for a friends birthday
Sunday- We had a cookout at my mothers house for a delayed Mothers Day!

This is truly an average look at our everyday meals. We use all organic meats, cheese, raw milk, yogurt and sour cream. You may have noticed that we also don't do desserts very much or not at all this week. Mommas trying to lose some weight and for that the whole family is denied sweets! I had fun with this post. If you post recipes on your blog leave a comment and let me know otherwise please post your family's ALL TIME FAVORITE dish and the recipe linky!


  1. oh my!! that all sounds fantastic! i'm drooling!

  2. The lamb pita sound amazing. Did you use full fat or nonfat Greek yogurt? I love that nonfat Greek yogurt is so creamy and flavorful so try to use it when I can.

    **Disclosure: I am a Voskos Greek Yogurt employee. But I really do love this yogurt and eat it every day!

  3. Yum!
    I'm not usually a fan of crab but this looks so nice!

    I'm having a giveaway over at mine for followers if you're interested - would love to see you there!

    Have a great day!

  4. Hey Nicole,
    Everything looks amazing, and I'd love the recipe for the stuffed tomatos! Something you guys may enjoy to mix things up... my favorite NEW recipe, and only 400 calories per serving!