June 11, 2010

Things I Hate!

You might wonder if I am in a bad mood writing this. Not at all I just wanted to publicly state some of my absolute despise hates and my trivial hates if nothing more than a good laugh! Leave a comment with your biggest hate!

1. When you burn your mouth on cocoa or tea and can't taste the rest of it because your taste buds are gone.

2. Dry Macaroni and Cheese.

3. Gingivitis from other people who also happen to be close talkers.

4. Expensive rims on vehicles what is the fricking point exactly?

5. Guys who will turn up their radio when you pull next to them as if trying to attract you and wonder how many times has this idiot actually got a number by blasting bad music?

6. Trends like acid wash jeans coming back in style, but kids thinking Miley Cyrus invented it.

7.Miley Cyrus

8. Getting hair in your mouth but for the life of you can't get it out, its almost imaginary.

9. Walking into a spider web, looking like a fool trying to get off said web.

10. Sales persons who act like they are so inconvenienced if you ask for customer service.

11. Label Whores.

12. Faux leather couches.

13. Real leather couches.

14. Women who refuse to shave or wax their upper lip.

15. People who have no political knowledge but are staunchly Republican or Democrat "just because".

16. Dry hands when folding laundry.

17. When your drink goes flat before you finish it.

18. People who give their kids McDonalds but justify it by giving them the apple dippers

19. Fruit on meat.

20. Nuts in food.

21. Wet towels at someones house when you try to dry them off in the bathroom

22. People who break up or get back together through Facebook relationship status only. example: "I don't know if we are together anymore he put single up on Facebook this morning".

23. Smudged windows.

24. People who display candles but never burn them!

25. Peel here tabs that don't peel here.

26. 1/2 air filled bag of chips.

27. Wedge sandals.

28. People who tan too much and don't know it, its lead to uncomfortable pauses in my conversation.

29. Mascara eye boogers.

30. Playing ditzy only around guys.

31. Being over weight but pushing all that chub in your bra and publicly displaying it as cleavage.

32. Bedazzled phones for people over 18.

33. Cheesy family portraits.

34. Cat hair on peoples clothing.

35. Mosquito bites you itch in your sleep.

36. Seeing people dry cracked feet in sandals all summer long. LOTION PEOPLE.

37. People who speak Ebonics in text.

38. People who bring their children to Hooters.

39. Ordering food that comes out wrong but eating it anyways because you can't dare send it back after seeing "Waiting".

40. False "lets get together"

41. People listening to IPods while shopping at the grocery store.

42. People who drive around to find a parking space at the gym.

43. Trees that leave a mist of sap on your window that no man made washer fluid can get off.

44. Getting in peoples cars that reek of smoke

45. People who stare

46. Egg crust

47. Dirty trashcans

48. Dull knives

49. FreeCreditReport.com commercials.

50. Toilet paper that's rolled from the top.


  1. LOL! I think the freecreditreport.com commercials are funny! Then again, I think they are funny THE FIRST TIME I SEE THEM. They tend to be a bit overdone. And I HATE the false "Let's get together" as well.

  2. haha the people looking for parking at the gym annoys the crap out of me too. oh and # 31, that made me LOL. Just got to add back butt fat too. If your ass is hanging out of your jeans, it might be time to move a size up ya know!

  3. LOL - I love the name of your blog! I must say this to my kids a dozen times a day!
    Hi mama-
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  4. I agree with too many of them!
    Though, 36 is specifically a big one. I can't stand feet! I dont wanna see your nasty feet. Everyone at work is whining that they are actually enforcing the rule of feet must be completely covered.

  5. I hate fruit & meat too! And I agree with so many things on your list! But sorry, I am a TP from the top person, I cant stand it from the bottom!

  6. Great list! I am a huge fan of fresh breath. Or at least not 2-day old breath. GAG.
    And #5 is even better when they rev a little too. That always makes my heart go pitter-patter, you know? ;)

  7. Argh - people who take their shoes off at the office to "air their feet out"!
    Other than that - I think you just about covered everything...tree sap on my car is the WORST!


  8. That is quite a list! I am a ballroom dancer, so I know about the close talkers and their gums. Have a mint! Hey there! What a cute blog! I just found it. You have a new follower! Come and visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

    Mama Hen

  9. That's quite the list there hater! lol

    I hate when I burn my mouth and I can't enjoy my food or drink too! It's so annoying! Hot pizza is the worst culprit for me.

    How's everything been going? Great I hope!