June 2, 2010

My new 8 week review day #1

As most of you know I am in the struggle of post baby weight loss. They saying is 9 months on , 9 months off but that 9 months is peaking its ugly head around the corner so I'm freaking out and saying WTF. I have yet to lose it. I eat healthy for the most part, really I eat whatever I want but am very conscience of portions. My true downfall as far as food is concerned are sweets, like candy bars, M&Ms and starburst. I am leaving for Mexico in a mere 5 weeks. I keep having visions of being all sexy in a bikini, dressing in a slinky summer dress for my husband at dinner and possibly ::gasp:: look hot in some lingerie but then I stop day dreaming and realize that memory foam thighs and stomach don't look so hot in a bikini.

 So I am starting a new venture, something I can stick to, enjoy and mesh into my day to day habits. I LOVE Arbonne products to pieces, they stand for everything I believe in and I have yet to be disappointed. Arbonne has a product line called Figure 8 Healthy Living and Weight Loss Program. It consist of  a simple combination of Protein shakes, Fiber boosters,Detox tea, Fizzy beverage tabs and weight loss chews. I will say first and foremost I am a flavor person I have a picky palette and things have to taste good for me to be into it. The shakes are delightful and easy to make and every morning I have a few cups of tea anyways and it is very easy to replace one with a tasty detox tea. The weight loss chews are a yummy substitution to my handful of M&Ms. I have also decided to add gum to my diet as I have an oral fixation and just need to be keeping my mouth busy instead of stuffing it full of snacks. Last thing because of course everyone wants to know what it all comes down to is cost. I ordered a bunch of other items from the site but the Ready,Set,Go Chocolate (it also comes in vanilla) set is a total of $126.00 and it includes everything I mentioned above.
Also here are some key points on why I chose this particular plan over others on the market.
Appetite control, feeling fuller longer
Boost metabolism and increase energy
High in protein
low in calories
No animal products or by products (vegan)
low fat, no saturated or trans fat
no artificial sweeteners,flavors or colors
also the website   http://www.gofigure8.com/index.asp is very attractive and easy to use
I am excited to start the journey and will keep  everyone updated.

Oh and everyone who messaged me asking about our trip to West Virginia it went very well and the kids were amazing on the long car trip.

I am in no way being paid for this review, Arbonne is not compensating me in product or other.

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