May 18, 2010

Why Do I love Sex and the City?

“When you're young, your whole life is about the pursuit of fun. Then, you grow up and learn to be cautious. You could break a bone or a heart. You look before you leap and sometimes you don't leap at all because there's not always someone there to catch you. And in life, there's no safety net. When did it stop being fun and start being scary?” Carrie Bradshaw

So the second Sex and the City is returning soon and I am unexplainable excited about it! Every time a commercial preview comes on I squeak and my husband rolls his eyes. Last time I went to go see the first one alone, in my scrubs fresh from work, ate a large popcorn alone ( I will post another time on the amazing free felling of going alone to the movies I really like it), drank a large Sierra Mist and a whole pack of Sour Patch Kids (which I still think I haven't regenerated those taste buds back from). I sat behind a group of six 50-60 year old ladies and laughed at the movie as well as their reaction to the peek penis shot (audible gasp, I tell ya). Sex and the City started in 1998 and I know my mother would have had a hairy fit if I ever watched the show, in fact I never even knew the show existed till 2002 because their was no way I could afford premium channels. Anyways on to why I love it. Sex and the City opened my eyes up to fashion more than my monthly Glamour. I found Manolos, Dior, Cosmopolitans, Dolce and that it is SEXY to have crazy curly hair (something I battled with my whole life). These women were sexually promiscuous and body/social confident things that I never really had. one of those things I'm glad I lived vicariously through them. I was sad when the season ended because I found that I just discovered them and needed them in my adulthood but alas. People always ask are you a Carrie? a Samantha?, A Charlotte?. Honestly I don't know I'm sweet like Charlotte sometimes but I cuss too much and then I think I'm snide like Samantha but not as...uh sexual. I'm Carrie or at least I was on my wedding when I too wore a bird on my head and when going out on the town but much to broke to where designer and I'm Miranda in the way that I always know what I want and hate toe settle. I love these ladies and I could go on and on why I do. I am looking forward to the next movie (hopefully its not a sequel curse).

If your awesome enough to love Sex and the City tell me what City girl you are.


  1. I'm totally a Carrie! And here's a secret for you. I didn't get into SITC until the first movie came out. A friend of mine was super excited to see the movie with me, but I'd never seen the TV show! So in a month, I rented all the seasons from NetFlix and watched all the episodes back to back to back and finished just as the movie came out.

    It was TOTALLY worth the time I spent watching them all!!

  2. If you can believe it, I still haven't seen the first movie! I love the show, though; it reminds me of college. My roommates and I watched it all the time. I'll have to watch the first movie soon so that I can see the second!

  3. you...don't really know which I am...its probably a cross between Carrie and Charlotte. Loved the first movie and can't wait to go see the second. We should make it a date!!

  4. i don't know who i am...I think I am a cross between Carrie and Charlotte...more Charlotte. I can't wait for the movie. Last time I waited for it to be out on DVD and then my hubby and I watched it together...he loved the show, but would kill me if people knew that. I am hoping it is as good as the first, because I loved it!

    Thanks for stopping by today and glad you found me!