May 16, 2010

McFatty Monday for the Month

This is not gonna be long and its not gonna be pretty! My last couple of weeks have been full of eating whatever I felt like which did consist of a lot of fruit and also a lot of chocolate. I have lost ZERO pounds. As far as an exercise regimen it has all been reserved solely for yard work which there is a ton of. I break a sweat daily so I count it. Mexico is in a month and I am no where near being the hot wife I want to be but he say I'm still sexy and right now that's all I need to hear!

Also I asked my readers to vote on my next couple blog post and I think I will do them all but in order of interest. I have been keeping a food log and taking pictures for my next blog so check back its going to be yummy!

Where are you in your journey?


  1. I just started McFM this week. I totally agree that yard work is exercise - if I'm sore and sweaty afterwards I count it!

    Good luck in the next month - being a hot wife is great motivation!

  2. I think that if you are happy with yourself, that is all that matters! And it's so great that your other half supports you and tells you how beautiful you are! I also fall into the chocolate trap. It is just so vital to my existence! Good luck to you!!!

  3. You know the first step is realizing you've been eating a bit out of control. And Mexico is STILL a month a way. You can do a lot if you put your mind to it. And if you don't, sexy is a state of mind!

    My journey is going great - 1lb away from my first goal!

  4. The journey is endless... I have been up and down over the last 15 years and I have to say that two years after the birth of my first child I am ready to be back at a stable ideal weight... for me & my closet more than anything else. Good luck with your journey. BTW: a little late but I found you through the Tuesday Tag-Along over on Twee Poppets. I’m a new follower and would sincerely appreciate if you’d visit my blog. Follow if you like it: My Tot Travels
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  5. You can do it and you have a whole month! I have a month too, until I have to be in a bathing suit next to my hubby's best friend really hot girlfriend. Can't be frumpy mommy now can I!

  6. BUT, you didn't gain anything...that's good!

  7. You can definitely do it! Mexico won't be prepared for you =)

  8. You know what - I just scrolled through all the photos above and thought, "How beautiful she is!" You look amazing, and you didn't gain anything! We all have those weeks. Plural. ;)