May 19, 2010

More wedding less words Wednesday!

We had the most magical winter wedding

This is their serious pose, I figured as much and that is why I hired a photographer specializing in photojournalism (moving shots) since poses just don't work for this crew!
My daughter getting ready she was so excited and that dress was gorgeous although at the end of the night she did end up pairing it with blue mermaid socks ::sigh::

My handsome son getting help from Nana!
Yeah I have the guts to post it mainly because I miss my butt! I had my something blue on and those were personalized underwear with my husbands name!

The wedding colors were white and black. All flowers were white but I had 6 different types of white flowers, each bridesmaid carried a different type. I don't like heavy flower as boutonnieres so I chose baby's breath for them and I loved it!
The lodge we had the wedding at for the weekend was stunning, absolutely jaw dropping gorgeous. The entire wedding party stayed right in the lodge.
 What a perfect day!

Having a traditional cake didn't suite us since our favorite thing in the world is cheesecake. We decided on 8 different custom made cheesecakes for our desert and I don't thing there was one mouth that wasn't salivating. We also decided on having a soup bar, breads and cheeses instead of a typical buffet layout. We had soup shipped in from Maine, made from a chef in North Carolina, my aunt a head chef at Ohio state. We had a total of 11 and every single one was mouthgasm worthy!

Where I met my love to start our life journey!
Our amazing friends.
We spent a lot of time here after the reception just relaxing and soaking in the day!
The main room. There were definitely a few couples snuck away at the end of the night sitting in front of the fireplace. This was the entry room and held one of the 5 stone fireplaces.

There was dancing, there was laughter and there was... LOVE!


  1. Gorgeous wedding...beautiful bride!

  2. Awesome pictures - LOVE your dress!

  3. That was such a BEAUTIFUL day! So glad I got to be a part of it!!! =)

  4. This wedding looks lovely!! Your dress was gorgeous.

  5. You were absolutely stunning!!!

    Haven't stopped by in a bit, just wanted to say hello! :)

    Hope everything is going well!