May 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Mommies night out with friends and Chardonnay

Spring nail colors for the toes!

Doing nothing on a sunny afternoon but playing with chalk with the kids

My sassy red head.

Naked baby bottoms. Might seem strange but try to see a naked baby butt and not smile.

Drawings found on my pillow.

My awesome deck and having everyone out enjoying the weather, cooking out, knitting, reading and loving life and Spring in Michigan.
::side note:: our new shelter doggie Molly, who's name has been changed 3x by the kids!


  1. awwww.... i absolutely love the drawing...the best gift a mommy could ever receive! and naked hineys! I think a naked baby's butt is rather cute but for some reason breastfeeding bothers me....weird!

  2. Awwww...naked baby butts are the cutest!!

  3. adorable baby butt and drawing!! :)

  4. oh i LOVE your deck!! I wish we had one!!! :)
    Come visit my blog and link up your thankful post for more readers and love :)

  5. Your deck is awesome!! I love little baby butts, they do make me smile also! Does your doggie know her name? How cute!

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