February 21, 2010

Killer Birthday Party

So yesterday we finally had the dual birthday party for Ethan and Kya at Lucky Strike bowling ( What a phenomenal venue by the way). All that planning really paid off and they had the best time. We had close to 30 people celebrate with us. The kids got so many gifts it rivaled 2 Christmas's. What amazed me was how in one day I really realized how grown up my little ones are. Ethan while bowling with his little friends had inside jokes, they were razzing each other about a bad roll, eating mass amounts of food ( MY GOD did we have so much food there), laughing and lounging like adults on the couch involved in their own little conversations. Kya was being such a social butterfly making sure to go up to everyone and making it a point to congratulate them on a good roll, asking people if they were having fun and whispering secrets to her little girl pals amidst all the noise around them. I couldn't believe that my babies have all of these adult qualities and quite enjoyable personalities. They have spent their time on this earth, learning, copying, exploring and forming who they will be. I am proud of who they are becoming, the thirst for learning, for loving and for living are amazing and to be their mother is such an indescribable honor I am incredibly humbled to be these remarkable children's mother. Happy birthday babies.
Note: I only had a bite of that cake and it was really awesome!

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