July 8, 2011

My personal mascara journey

I do not wear much makeup. I wear just a simple tinted moisturizer, some light bronzer, and mascara on a day to day basis but if I'm in a rush or just around the house I wear only mascara. Its the one item that I feel perks up my whole face and transforms it from frumpy mom to bushy tailed domestic goddess, well that might be an extreme description but I have to say I at least feel less frumpy. So I went to Sephora a year ago and said well, hell if I love mascara so much than I should put maybe investigation to the best that's out there and go through trial and error and over the course of a year I tried them all and have come to the conclusion that I have found THE ONE.

1st- Buxom, Sephora Price $22.00
       Conclusion- Thick lashes but hours later tiny black flakes end up on my cheeks, not long lasting. Adios.

2nd-Dior Show Waterproof, Sephora, Price $24.50
       Conclusion- Not a good lash separator, Clumps, Does not come off easily with makeup remover, so if you get a clump your stuck with it unless you pluck out offending clumped lashes.

3rd-Kat Von D High Frquency, Sephora, Price$18.00
       Conclusion- Too thick, a few hours of wear before you get raccoon eyes.

4th- Clinique High Impact, Macys, $14.50
       Conclusion- Great color, you have to reapply to keep a good effect, not waterproof

5th Maybelline Define a Lash, Rite Aid, $6.00
      Conclusion- Not bold, good separator, does not wash off well, Have to reapply but that proves difficult due to the waterproof feature.

6th- Givenchy Phenomen'eyes effects, Sephora, Price $29.50

       Conclusion- I had high hopes for this funky looking wand but every time I used it I was wiping off more than I put on with a q-tip. I don't qualify for the talent this takes. It is bold in color, but clumps, uneven, and leaves raccoon eyes after a couple hours.

7th and FINAL Cover Girl Lash Blast Waterprrof, Rite Aid, $7.79
       Conclusion- My by far favorite. A great separator, thickener, bold color, lengthener, does not wear off, no reapplication needed, washes off with remover or shower

So after a few bad eye days a lot of money wasted but a wealth of knowledge gained with no thanks to the Sephora makeup consultant, whom I noticed never had on great mascara, I don't know why I followed her so blindly to new products to try. Now do I look like the commercials with the models with OBVIOUS falsies on with mascara...no but that's okay.

::side note:: Look at her, do people think you can roll out of bed and whip on some mascara and look like that? Heck no, that chick spent 4 hours in a chair getting lash extensions and then they probably photo shopped it.

I have found my go to mascara and who would have thought, its right around the corner.

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