July 1, 2011

Flashback Friday

Flash back to 2008 when my dear fiancee was still living in Maine finishing up his Fellowship year in OMT. He never thought he would ever end up back in Michigan in fact he swore he never would but with my circumstances I had to stay in Michigan and he decided that the kids and I were worth this sacrifice and he didn't blink. We had a great romantic final week before we Uhauled all his belongings to Michigan. We were married in December of this year. This picture was taken at Acadia Park and I am wearing 3 day old clothes because the airport lost my luggage at JFK during my connecting flight (grrr). So I wanted to look fabulous and adorable but I was with my toothbrush, lotions and clothes. So we had a run to Meijer and picked up what I need until it came. When your so deep in love on a mini honeymoon, that kind of stuff doesn't bug you as much as say it would any other time. That trip was very memorable, the clam chowder and lobster at outdoor restaurants, puffin watching the great Irish pub down the street and cuddling on his god awful futon.

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