September 1, 2010

You think your kids is awesome, they have nothing on my daughter!

First I will show you the pics because it hard to describe with out a visual aid.
 She is your typical 5 year old, quirky, rambunctious, mouthy, loving, mommas girl and anxiously awaiting her first day of kindergarten BUT, this little sweetheart is hiding a deep dark secret underneath that cute smile and I do mean that literally. Are you ready for this?, because I was SOO not ready for this shocker!
Do you see IT? My little girl is a shark! I noticed this little surprise during church and instead of being able to run to the internet to figure out what kind of issue this truly was I had to sit there for another 40 minutes listening to the pastor on the sermon on the mount but kept having mixed visions of Kya growing her full set of "shark teeth" and Jesus beating her off with a stick! So anyways as soon as I could get my hands on the trusty internet I found that this is a common problem and is ironically called "shark mouth". After the shock wore off I thought "how the hell did I never hear about this if its so common?" So once again you are not fully prepared for these little surprises along the road. So the question is really what are we going to do about it? She has a dentist appointment on the 9th and the dentist will tell us if we leave them till the adult teeth rot out the baby teeth root (disgusting) and they fall out or he may have to pull the baby teeth so the adult teeth can move forward properly.  So let me be the "shark tale" to all you mothers out there, this stuff happens its apparently normal and besides that fact it will still shock the crap out of you!

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  1. have a hard pecker for that sweet mouth.