July 2, 2010

Our vacation and hurricane Alex

So we booked our vacation for Riviera Maya 2 months ago and we counted down everyday till we left. We arrived in Mexico on Thursday and it was beautiful weather, the resort was fabulous and the food was PHENOMENAL. We booked an adults only resort and I'll tell you if your traveling without kids that is the way to go, no screaming, no splashing at the pool, and no complaining in the restaurants.
It was all 5-star treatment the whole time we were there and between 8 restaurants, 5 bars we were a very indulged couple the whole time. Little did we know that hurricane Alex also wanted to go on vacation in Mexico and everyday after our first day there was full of extreme winds, and sideways rain but it did not stop us from sitting in that hot tub ordering drinks. It was still 80+ degrees out so us Michiganders didn't hesitate and let the big bad hurricane stop us from enjoying it. Many tourist stayed inside playing Monoploy but we opted out of being losers and stuck it out.
 The picture above is me thinking taking a shot of Sake would be good, the next picture is of me trying to not vomit up said Sake.
We did hit up the spa a couple days and there is nothing better than getting a couples massage and then still be on vacation after. We met a fabulous crew of people and did almost everything together. Our room was amazing, and i am going to pre-apologize to parents and parent like figures in my life for the next statement but vacation sex is truly awesome and was much needed. We connected to home by Facebook and internet. My lovely sister nannied for us the whole time, which gave us such a safe feeling about everything back home. So we left the morning that Hurricane Alex passed the Yucatan by and we flew out in gorgeous weather.
In the end though we were completely ready to go home to our babes.


  1. Looked like a BLAST(: I know nothing is better than being home but at least you got away for a bit:) enjoy the memories!!! xoxo

  2. cute blog! i am looking forward to seeing it when it is complete:)
    ps-thanks for stopping by my blog!